Thank you! Band’s vinyl album mission complete.

May 25th, 2018 – Shortly after the Apocalyptic Lovers revealed their last and maybe coolest incentive for ordering the vinyl version of their Michael Wagener mixed album, Redemption Vol I, the campaign reached goal. The all new, exclusive album art launched them over the hump, and after speaking with founding member David B Hope, they are thrilled.

Hope: “I know this is hard to believe about me, but I am just about speechless. I mean, with the album being released worldwide for two years now and already on every format but vinyl, I was not so sure we could pull it off. This just proves that there is a very dedicated fan base out there worldwide that loves and supports this genre of music and that they are awesome.

“In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think anyone really knew how important this was to us and how badly we wanted it to happen. Many probably don’t realize that my bassist Mike Nagy and I have been in bands together since about 1985. We started Love And War together around 90/91, and it was an all original melodic rock project that evolved into what we are now.

“Mike and I would talk as far back as high school about how cool would it be to have our music on a vinyl record. The size, the feel, the art work, we both loved all of it and collected for that reason. Little did we know that vinyl would go away and little did we know that 30 plus years later we would end up with a successful campaign to make a dream a reality. I mean really? Our own fricking album will soon be in our hands on gorgeous vinyl with all new exclusive art work. It’s really just a wow moment for the both of us.”

Now that the campaign has come to an end with the results the guys were hoping for, I asked Hope if there will be an opportunity for fans to have another chance at getting the album on vinyl one more time.

Hope: “I am not really sure, to be honest. Since the album had been out two years, we were very unsure if this vinyl “kick starter” type campaign our singer Rob brought to the table would even work. Between the names in the liner notes, the new art work, and the signed photo and guitar pick, we put everything we had into creating more than enough incentive for fans of us and this music to drop almost $40 per album and thankfully it worked.

“Since we met our goal and the vinyl is now going to press, we have completed what the record company calls phase one. There is a possible phase two, three, and four, and as of right now we are speaking with the record company about how it all works. Personally and as a band we are rather spent on working this album and more than ready to move onto our next two projects. If the record company thinks we can toss out a link and leave it there and just let the orders accumulate over time minus the incentives, we are very down with that scenario. Based on past experience with our limited edition CD, when you sell out of something and fans start posting images of the album on social media when they get it or play it, all of a sudden everyone wants one. When our new vinyl with that new art hits homes and starts popping up in music groups all over Facebook, I sure hope we have somewhere to send those that were late to the party. I guess that will all be up to the record company and how their model works. Once we have all the details, believe me, the fans will know.

“Coming full circle, I know Sean and Rob are thrilled we made goal and we are all going to have our album released on vinyl. I just can not stress how much this has meant to two former high school kids standing in lunch line talking about starting a band together like it does for Mike and myself. We would have never thought that two kids from Youngstown, Ohio would one day have their original music mixed by a legendary producer like Michael Wagener and then released on vinyl. Did not see that coming and from two very big vinyl geeks to the rest that bought the album along with us, a huge THANK YOU and horns up!”

Following the brief conversation with Hope, he said that the band is now going to turn their full attention to making sure their new full length album and covers EP make their target release dates of February and March of 2019. He also stated that they are now in the planning stages of playing their first ever festival show over seas in the U.K. in the summer of 2019 as well. For a bunch of guys that missed the boat with MTV back in the day, they do not seem to plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Congratulations gentleman on your vinyl campaign and all the best with the future releases and festival show in 2019. Anyone wishing to keep up with when the vinyl will hit homes, plus any other related events with the band, should bookmark and visit their home site often at







Exclusive new album art unveiled for the vinyl release of Apocalyptic Lovers – Redemption Vol I.

May 23th, 2018 – As the vinyl campaign for the Apocalyptic Lovers comes to a close, the band revealed their last and maybe coolest incentive for ordering the vinyl version of their Michael Wagener mixed album Redemption Vol I: all new, exclusive album art.

When asking around about the new album art, it seems no one in the band’s camp really knew it was happening. We reached out to founding member and drummer David B Hope and asked why the new art and why unveil it so late in the game.

Hope – “We were really happy with the original art, but in this day and age, bands and artists could really have different album covers based on the multiple formats that are out there. If you think about bands that go straight to digital, like iTunes or Amazon Music, the album art is really never bigger than a thumbprint unless you go out of your way to enlarge it. Honestly, that was part of the thinking for the original art and it worked really well and it popped off the screen. When you have the opportunity to release your work on vinyl, it is an entire new ballgame. The size alone lets you do so much more regarding details with album art, it’s fantastic. I also thought, new and exclusive art to this vinyl release would make it even more special to own for all those vinyl collectors.

“This vinyl version of Redemption Vol I is going to be a very limited run, so when all is said and done, there should only be between 100 to 300 copies floating around worldwide. Our entire band likes vinyl records and for our bassist Mike Nagy and myself (who are huge vinyl geeks), we really talked about making this entire campaign not only fun, but very special for everyone involved. We already knew that the vinyl would be numbered for collectors, so Mike and I thought giving the first 100 orders a signed photo and custom guitar pick would make it even more fun for collectors like us. The campaign ran for a bit, and Mike and I were chatting about how much more room was on the album compared to a CD or even the old tapes. That’s when we came up with the idea of The Rocking 100 and including the names of the people who placed the first 100 orders in the album liner notes as a big thank you!

“We started prepping for the end of the campaign, and as the numbers grew closer to goal and we fielded messages about friends and fans ready to jump in and make sure the campaign launched, we knew we had to start prepping all the art work and music files. My wife and I started discussing the album art and recreating the original art for the vinyl and that’s honestly when it hit us and we were like – let’s go for it and come up with all new art for the vinyl release. We are all very excited for when the album actually ships to homes worldwide. All the incentives for the first 100 orders are cool, but to actually hold your own record, slit open the cellophane, and look at all the detail in the album art is going to be a dream come true.”

Anyone interested in the band’s vinyl campaign will have until 11:59 PST on May 24th to place their order. As David stated above, not only will there be exclusive album art, but those who place the first 100 orders are thanked in the album liners and receive an exclusive signed photo and guitar pick. All orders may be placed by going to the bands vinyl store here. 






“Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)”

May 17th, 2018 – What an exciting week we have ahead as our vinyl campaign begins to come to a close, so I thought I would start it off with a thought or two!

It has been an interesting year for the band and for myself. We have achieved many goals, both personally and professionally. Working with legendary producer Michael Wagener was truly an honor and an incredible learning experience.

We have been fortunate to connect with many music lovers since the release of our album, and we are blessed to call you all our friends. As the end of our vinyl campaign nears, we want to thank all of you who have placed your orders so far, and hope a few of you fence-sitters jump in and join the party.

Being a huge music fan myself, I can say that there is nothing quite like the experience of a new record. From carefully opening the cellophane to reading every liner note; from the smell of the fresh ink to the sound of the needle hitting the gleaming vinyl for the first time, a new record takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey.

With that said, we are working on new material for our follow-up album as well as a covers EP, which will become our focus as we head into 2019. So here’s to the end of our campaign and to future adventures. We’re thrilled to have you along with us for the ride.

David B Hope, drummer – Apocalyptic Lovers.

Editors note: Fans interested in the bands vinyl campaign have until 11:59 PST on May 24th to place their order. The bands yet to be titled full length follow up album is tentatively scheduled for February 2019 followed by their covers EP We Salute You a tribute to the bands that helped shape their sound.






Manamal Radio, The Rocking 100 and a new interview with bassist Mike Nagy all on tap this week!

May 3rd, 2018 – The  Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol I mixed by Michael Wagener made it’s debut on The Manamal Streaming Radio station last week with rave reviews. Fans can also catch bassist Mike Nagy in a one on one interview with Manamal host and DJ Misti Dawn right here. Mike and Misti touch on many topics including the bands current vinyl campaign and their up coming new full length album and covers EP. Please check out the interview here.

Manamal Radio is a new station based out of Virginia that should please many listeners that are tired of mainstream rock radio. The owners Suzy and Paul state on their facebook page – “Welcome to our new streaming radio station ” The Manamal” playing all the great songs you don’t hear on the radio! The new home for everything that rocks!”

The band also debuted this week their new incentive program for their current vinyl campaign called the #Rocking100. The band is getting very close to their goal to launch Redemption Vol I on vinyl, so they thought they would unveil this new incentive.

On May 1st via their drummer Dave Hope’s facebook page, Hope mentioned that initially the #Rocking100 was going to be a surprise for the first 100 fans that placed their order for Redemption Vol I on vinyl. The first 100 orders were already receiving an exclusive guitar pick and signed photo, but now Hope had revealed the final piece of the puzzle to hopefully put the band over their vinyl campaign goal.  The first 100 orders that are placed that initiate the vinyl going to press, will be thanked in print in the liners notes of the vinyl version of Redemption Vol I.

Hope stated – “This campaign is a lot like a kick starter and it takes everyone including band members to get it to launch and get our baby on vinyl. I know how much this vinyl means to myself and our bassist Mike, so knowing we would have more room on the vinyl packaging, it was really a no brainer to include everyone’s name in the liner notes that helps make it hopefully happen. We wanted to surprise everyone when and if they receive the vinyl record, but with time running out and our campaign being over 50% of the way there, we thought it would give us that extra little push to the finish line.”

As this article goes to print, the band just needs 19 more orders to be granted their final extension for the campaign and just 39 total to have it be pressed. For anyone interested in more details or sampling the Michale Wagener mixed album please click here. 






Another radio debut and a thankful band for their vinyl campaign support.

March 21s, 2018 – Songs from the  Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol I mixed by Michael Wagener will be making their debut on today.

DJ and The Ruff Edge show host Jacob Gibbons aka The Guru of Rock’n Roll will be spinning his brand of rock and roll from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST  via Since the band is  campaigning to get their current album on vinyl, they are very excited to debut on another great station streaming to millions of rock fans worldwide.

Fans can also tune into another good friend of the band Andrew the Axeman and his hair blazing syndicated radio show The Hair Metal Mansion. Andrew’s new show premiers on Thursday evenings and then makes appearances on almost 40 radio stations around the world over the next 5 days. The Hair Metal Mansion always has fantastic guests, so make sure not to miss Andrew’s guest tonight Vixen’s bassist Share Ross!

When the band realized they were going to campaign to get their current album on vinyl, they knew Andrew would be the “go to” guy reaching so many hair metal listeners. Andrew will be spinning something from Redemption Vol. I and giving details on how to help get the band’s album pressed on vinyl. Check the listings below on how to catch Andrew and his  show

The Hair Metal Mansion: 9:00 to 11:00 PM EST (USA)
​The premiere show simulcasts on 3 stations, in 3 countries;
– Philly Rock Radio: 
– Rock Radio UK:
– Gateway To The North Radio:

If on the go, each station has free mobile apps available! You can also find them on iTunes and TuneIn.

Closing out the the news for this week, the band would like to give a shout out and thank you to the following media and radio support they have received for their vinyl record campaign. There is no mountain too high for this group when it comes to rock and roll!


The Apocalyptic Lovers would like to request that if you tune in and check out any of the above stations, to please support them on all of their social media. If it were not for these stations, indie artists would have no voice in whats left of radio today.





Rock Rage Radio, UnPhilteredRadio and Prog Core Radio give Apocalyptic Lovers a spin and more.

January 3rd, 2018 – The Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol I mixed by Michael Wagener will be making its debut on three radio shows over the next week.

Kicking things off in 2018 will be the lovely DJ Michelle Bench Novak who will be interviewing drummer and founding member David B hope. Michelle is the host of Shaking the Rafters on Rock Rage Radio and she will be spinning a couple tunes from Redemption Vol I, but most of all she will be getting the scoop on what’s in store for the Apocalyptic Lovers in 2018. More live shows? A covers EP? The anticipated follow up album Redemption Vol 2? The answer could be all three so, make sure to tune in to find out!

Shaking the Rafters with Michelle is on this Thursday the 4th via Rock Rage Radio at 8:00 PM EST (USA).

Do the bands Saigon Kick, Skid Row and Jake E Lees Red Dragon Cartel ring a bell? If any of the band names do, you should be familiar with their incredible drummer Phil Varone. Not only is Phil a rock star, comedian, talk Show host and former SiriusXM personality, he is also the host and station owner of Phil will be spinning some cuts from Redemption Vol I this week on his show along with many other great unsigned artists. Phil is a fantastic talent and host, so make sure to tune into his show for three hours of killer rock and roll including the Apocalyptic Lovers this week.

Unphiltered with Phil Varone airs Weekdays on from 8:00 to 11:00 PM EST (USA).

Closing out the three radio show appearances will be the Rocker Chick Radio Show on Prog Core Radio. Prog Core Radio is based in Montreal, Canada and is hosted by music industry veteran and musician Gloria Gardner. The great thing about Gloria’s show is the variety she brings to the table. Once with Warner Chappell Music in Toronto and being a musician herself really brings out her music knowledge on air. Make sure to tune in and hear what the Rocker Chick spins from your Apocalyptic Lovers.

The Rocker Chick Rock Show with host Gloria Gardener will air Monday the 8th via Prog Core Radio at 6:00 PM EST (USA).

The Apocalyptic Lovers would like to request that if you tune in and check out any of the above stations, to please support them on all of their social media. If it were not for these independent stations, indie artists would have no voice in whats left of FM radio.



What makes a band tick? The Apocalyptic Lovers answer with #PlaylistFriday.

July 28, 2017 – If one ever wondered what made a band tick, the Apocalyptic Lovers have come up with #PlaylistFriday to give fans a glimpse into each members taste in music and then some.

We sat down with the bands founding member and drummer Dave Hope to discuss #PlaylistFriday and to see what else is currently going on with the band.

What is #PlaylistFriday and how did it come about?

Dave Hope – “Well, I have made it no secret I am not a fan of what has become of the music industry and especially streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music & Amazon Music. You know, pay a monthly fee and get millions of songs at your finger tips! Sounds great in theory, but the problem is the model is broken and bands can not sustain on this. I could sit here and go on, but we are here to chat about #PlaylistFriday right? (laughing) In a nutshell, once someone or something addresses these large streaming companies and figures a way for bands to get paid fairly, I think that will go a long way for turning things around for the music business. That said, the streaming of music is hear to stay like it or not and we have just decided to take the bull by the horns and run with it.”

Yes, we hear all the time that smaller and larger acts alike are constantly battling the way these services are set up. So streaming services like Spotify were the catalyst behind this idea? 

Dave Hope – “Yes exactly! If you cant beat them, join them, right? Or is it, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer? (Laughing) Honestly, since our album Redemption Volume I (mixed by legendary Michael Wagener) hit a little over a year ago, it was available not only on physical CD, but on every digital platform we could find. We pushed the CD and the downloadable services by Apple, Amazon and Google, but we did not go out of our way to tell everyone we were on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and so on.”

Until now right?

Dave Hope – “Yes you are correct, we are now really pushing Spotify for one, but in a more creative and fun way. I had been racking my brain on how to utilize Spotify or something like it and to just see over time what we could do with it, you know make it work for us. I think every “newer” band is looking for that golden nugget these days on how to get maximum exposure on something like Spotify in hopes a song blows up and gets millions and millions of streams. I had read a few articles on streaming and then I had remembered a couple significant things from my past as well. First, I remembered reading an article in early 2000-ish about a band and the one guy said who gives a “F” what bands we all like and don’t like. Thats what makes us, well us. He said that one guy loves Slayer and the other loved U2 and at that point I was like how cool is that and I need to listen to them. The guy was right too, they sounded nothing like either of those bands, but you could hear bits and pieces in their songs.”

And the second thing?

Dave Hope – “All the guys in our band are old enough to remember owning music, owning vinyl and owning cassette tapes, CDs and so forth. Then the idea really hit me, what do all of those things have in common? Mix tapes or Compilations CDs or whatever we all called them back in the day. So I thought, todays playlists on Spotify are very similar to the old school mix tapes and why not share our individual music tastes with our friends, family and fans just like back in the day, but with playlists.”

In trying to figure out the streaming issue, you thought of how musically diverse everyone in your band is and to let fans explore that diversity via playlists on Spotify?

Dave Hope – “I’m not sure I figured out anything honestly, but I came up with a fun way to share our music and music we all love with everyone that follows us just like we all did back in the day on mix tapes. If you think about it, the entire thing is really all the same just on different mediums. I think no matter how old or young you are, everyone that loves music has made some sort of music mix for a girl/boy friend  and or those music buddies. I have a couple good friends that love music as much as I do and we swap mix CDs or playlists every once in a while still to this day. Its a great way to find new music because everyone hears something different. One recent example, I listened or tried to listen to the new Def Leppard which is a band I grew up loving. I could not make it through the entire new album, so I was like I’ll pass. Then about 3 moths later or so, I heard a playlist with Wings of an Angel on it which reminded me of something from their Retroactive album and I really enjoyed it. So I looked up the song and there it was on the new Def Leppard I passed on. It was toward the end of the album that I missed on the first go around and I was very, very happy I was turned onto the song via that playlist.”

I bet that happens to a lot of fans. So all this has led up to #PlaylistFriday? What are some details you can share with us about it?

Dave Hope – “We did a soft roll out to see how it would go and so far the guys in the band have had fun with it and the people on social media have seemed to enjoy it as well. Basically, every Friday we will launch a playlist from one of the members in the band via Spotify. The only thing each playlist will have in common is each will have one Apocalyptic Lovers song stuck in there somewhere. Other than our tunes, the guys pick whatever they want and we launch it on Fridays. The one band all four of us agree on is Dokken, but listeners will see and hear just how many different influences we all have. I launched a playlist recently called something like Love Songs that Don’t Suck and listeners will notice that out of all the songs on there, I placed very few ballads. I never was a huge power ballad fan and I’m still not. Every once in a while, a slow song gets me, but most of the time I will pass. Rob our singer, is into a lot of rock n roll and even goes into the Christian rock realm, so I am sure between Rob and my bassist Mike there will be heavy doses of Stryper and Holy Soldier. I even had Poison’s song Look What the Cat Dragged In followed by Janet Jacksons – Black Cat. They were both mixed by our favorite producer Michael Wagener, so I put them on my playlist!”

Your band grew up on 80’s rock and metal and anyone can hear that in your music. Unlike some bands in that genre, the Apocalyptic Lovers really don’t sound like any of them. You can hear Dokken for sure, but I hear many other influences mixed in there with your band’s writing. #PlaylistFriday should be a real treat for fans to get inside the mindset of the four musicians in Apocalyptic Lovers, so do you have anything in closing? 

Dave Hope – “We are having fun making these lists and I hope the people that do take the time to listen enjoy them. All of the playlists will be different for many reasons. When I make mine, I think of the poor person stuck at a desk for 8 hours doing data entry, so my lists tend to be lengthy. The list my bassists Mike just sent over is called Killer Firsts and its just 10 songs long. He said each tune was the first song he heard from a band or album that blew him away and made him go out and buy it. Our hope is people will follow us on Spotify and end up placing our original tracks on their personal playlists and the entire thing snowballs. In a small way, its already happening and other bands are catching on as well. Mike Floros the main writer and lead guitarist from the band IDORA launched a fun list on Spotify. The playlist had about enough songs on it to work out to and it included one of their tunes and one of ours as well. I listened to it on and off all week and even gave it a couple shares as well.”

Very exciting that it has caught on so quickly!

Dave Hope – “We hope that people will always purchase full albums and singles in one way or another to support bands, but this seems to maybe be a good way for newer bands to get their name out to the masses. Bands big and small are all hurting, so if you really dig a band always make sure to purchase either the physical product and or the downloadable version of their album. The next best thing you can do to help support your favorite band/artist is to follow them on the streaming platforms like Spotify and put at least one of their songs in each of your playlists. If fans and band members can all get together and do this process via streaming, it can make the algorithms blow up and possibly put a little known act on the map. At this point in time, fans, bands and artists need to support one another and take the safety in numbers approach.”

Thank you for your time today. We will all be looking forward to #PlaylistFriday.

Dave Hope – “I will always take the time to chat Apocalyptic Lovers! I’m looking forward to #PlaylistFriday as much as anyone else. I have found it fun and interesting to see what the guys send me on their playlists. So, every Friday I hope everyone will watch for our free Spotify playlist and listen to them throughout the week.  Please make sure to follow us on Spotify as well and place our tunes on your favorite playlists. Remember safety in numbers and every little bit can help a band or artist you love. I will also have more for everyone soon regarding our bassist Mike going live on Facebook on August 26th at 3:00 PM. We are also actively seeking management and investors that want to come along for the ride on our second record Redemption Volume 2 which is going to be amazing. More gigs are about to break out soon too! We were offered some incredible gigs, but due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to commit. The glass half full is there is growing interest in us to play live, its just a matter of everything lining up regarding dates, times, money and all that fun stuff. Thanks again and look for more info on the band coming in August!”