Dying Day, stop motion video, and three kids equals toy box mayhem!

November 21, 2018 – While the Apocalyptic Lovers are working on their full-length follow up to 2016’s Redemption Volume I, previously mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener, the band’s third music video dropped, and it’s a fun one!

The video is a mixture of stop motion video using Roblox band members, three young children, and the closing track from Redemption Volume IDying Day. It seems none of the band’s members knew a new music video was on the way, including founding member, drummer David B Hope.

“Redemption Volume I is the album that just wont stop,” laughs Hope. “We had just finished up promoting the album and were ready to move on when the vinyl album campaign happened. The campaign was fun, and now all the band members and some die hard fans have the album on vinyl in their hands. We were thrilled it happened and ended our push of Redemption on a high note.

“We then put out PR about the second full-length album coming in 2019 along with a cool covers EP, and we were full steam ahead with that and not looking back. I had just worked out a bunch of technical issues with my singer (Robert Kane) regarding recording my drums, and had just sent off the drum track for Back On My Feet to him when all of a sudden this new idea for a video dropped in my lap, thanks to my beautiful wife.

“Along with being the mother of five children and working full time, she is also working towards her masters degree. She is currently in a video production class and had to make a music video with certain parameters, so she asked me if she could use the song Dying Day. It’s my favorite song to play live, and maybe my favorite song on the entire album, so I was thrilled, but also curious about what was in her head. We were not playing live and really had no way of letting her shoot any video of us playing Dying Day.

“For me, the idea was always to have a killer video for this tune in the vein of a 90s Pantera video, so I had tons of ideas for the visuals and not sure how she was going pull it off. She came to me with the idea of doing stop motion with a toy rock band along with live video of kids playing with them. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a bit to warm up to the idea. But honestly, sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are way, way outside of the box and that have humor. Once I wrapped my head around what she was doing, I tossed in a couple thoughts on what the Roblox band members could do, and she was off to the races. Stop motion video is so tedious, I could not believe how much work it took. I would never have the patience,” laughs Hope.

“She got very creative with the children playing with the band members in the video to the point of the destruction of band members at times. Then the band comes to life and puts on a killer rock show with some very familiar moves. You might just see the Van Halen, Best of Both Worlds walk across the stage, a take on the Scorpions live pyramid, a homage to Queen, and even a special guest appearance by a certain hairy Star Wars character.

“This video was a lot of fun to watch being made and on top of that, we have a very fresh vision that we can share with fans for our song Dying Day,” says Hope. “If you are 5 to 65 years old, I am pretty sure you will ‘Crack a Smile,’ and enjoy and share this video with friends.”

The “Behind the Toy Box” music video for Dying Day can now be seen via YouTube and the band’s Facebook page. This stop motion music video is likely the last we will hear from the band regarding Redemption Volume I. According to Hope, the new album should hit in 2019 and will have 9 or 10 originals on it along with a surprise cover song as well.  He said the new material is going to blow people away and that the band is looking forward to more live shows with their next outing. Hope said more info on the two new albums and live shows will start to hit after the New Year.


Vinyl version of Redemption Vol I. to be released with your help!

For release: March 13th, 2018 – Fans can soon assist their Apocalyptic Lovers in getting the Michael-Wagener-mixed album, Redemption Vol I. released for the first time on vinyl.

The band has a limited number of days to obtain 100 orders, and if that goal is reached, the vinyl version of Redemption Vol I. will ship to doorsteps worldwide!

The first 100 orders will also include a nice incentive: an exclusive, autographed photo and custom, Apocalyptic Lovers guitar pick.

While links will be shared on social media, fans can go to one central location to purchase the vinyl version of their album via www.apocalypticlovers.com.

The vinyl campaign will begin March 19th and conclude on April 19th, so all orders must be made on or before April 19th for the pressing to launch.

Founding members of the band, David Hope and Mike Nagy along with Robert Kane and Sean Magee, ask friends, family members, and fans to please share this info far and wide to help make their bucket list item of Redemption Vol I on vinyl a reality.

Legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, Extreme, White Lion, et al.) mixed Redemption Vol. I at his Wireworld Studio in Nashville. On vinyl, Redemption Vol. I is sure to become an instant classic with fans of arena rock and 80’s hair metal. Head to the band’s website now to place your order before its too late!

More radio this week for the Apocalyptic Lovers including Mike Gaube’s Headbangers, Hair Metal Mansion & Digital Revolution Radio!

April 26, 2017 – Just over one year since its release, Redemption Vol I by the Apocalyptic Lovers is still snowballing. The album recently had songs downloaded from it to be played on some great web radio shows and stations this week.

On April 22nd several songs from the Apocalyptic Lovers were put into rotation via a station on the east coast called Digital Revolution Radio  Better Days, The Groove, Left in the Cold & Dying Day were all added to the stations rotation. The stations LIVE Saturday evening show The House That Metal Built – kicked off the party with DJ Crazy Train spinning a block of tunes from Redemption Vol 1 that included Killing for a Living, Change of Frequency and Who the Hell are You. The station is FREE and commercial free for all your Rock and Roll needs so, tune in and turn it up!

Station Link:www.digitalrevolutionradio.com

On Wednesday April 26th, the Apocalyptic Lovers will make their long awaited debut on Mike Gaube’s Headbangers  radio show based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Mike is a staple in the rock and metal community in Az widely know for his work on 93.3 KDKB. Mike is still very active in FM radio, but also started his own show that can be heard on www.sofakingradio.com every Wednesday evening begining at 7:00 PM Arizona time.

Please take a moment and give Mike’s show-page a like on facebook and tune in every Wednesday night for the best in all things rock and metal.

April 27th marks the return of the Apocalyptic Lovers to the Mansion…… thats the Hair Metal Mansion Radio show with host Andrew the Axeman.

The voice behind the iconic Slaughter record Stick it to Ya, Mark Slaughter will be the guest on this weeks Hair Metal Mansion with Andrew the Axeman.

Mark checks in to talk and premiere his new solo record “Halfway There”, as well as his partnership with David Ellefson’s (Megadeth) EMP Label Group. Mark and Andrew will also touch on Marks love for guitars & remembering the late TIM KELLY.

This week is also producer Michael Wageners birthday, so to celebrate Andrew will be spinning some of Michaels work including classic SKID ROW, Denman & the Apocalyptic Lovers.

THURSDAY night @ 9pm ET/8pm CT/6pm PT!

The premiere simulcasts on 3 stations:
– Philly Rock Radio: www.phillyrockradio.com
Rock93X : www.rock93x.com
– Rock Radio UK – www.rock-radio.co.uk

Each station has free mobile apps that you can download if on the go! Also available via iTunes, TuneIn and Google Play.

Miss the premiere? Hair Metal Mansion is proudly syndicated to the best FM, AM and internet stations worldwide throughout the week and weekend!

For ALL the air times, go here: