Love And War returns as the Apocalyptic Lovers

Originally posted on January 7, 2015. There is life after death in the music industry and who does not love a story about second chances? In 1991 the hard rock band Love And War rose from the rust belt of Northeastern, Ohio and almost made their dreams of performing for a living/touring a reality. The band played regionally and even made a trip to LA in 1994, which also enabled them to get a small mention in Entertainment Weekly. The small mention snowballed and two distribution deals were in place for over seas.

The band at the time based out of Youngstown, Ohio stuck true to who they were and were not interested in any music bandwagons. They wanted to write, record, tour and share with audiences worldwide the music they grew up on, but in their own version. The flavor of the day on MTV was currently Grunge and the masses were going in a different direction in the 90’s.

Just when the band was starting to really peak around 1995, the toll of the grunge area started to wear on the melodic rock outfit. Thousands of hours driving around, playing, promoting for little or no money had finally caught up. A band is like being married, but to four or five people. When things go well they can be great. When things don’t go well….bands tend to fall apart.

Years have gone by, but the fire inside the various members of Love And War still burns to do what they love……create good rock and roll. Gone are their 20’s, but reborn again they are (in my best Yoda voice) as the Apocalyptic Lovers! The entire reunion project will take place even though all 5 members currently live in various states. The band will include Rob Kane on vocals, Sean Magee on guitar/vocals, Dave Hope on drums/vocals and 2 of their original 3 bass players will be taking part as well. Mike Nagy and George Allen will be trading on and off bass and vocals as well.

Through the power of technology and the web, the band has decided to continue doing what they love most – writing, recording and releasing music for all rock and metal fans to enjoy.