Geoff Wilbur Reviews Redemption Vol. I

Originally posted April 12, 2016. Geoff Wilbur wrote, “Old-school, blistering axework-filled, high and powerful vocals-driven, classic heavy metal. That’s Apocalyptic Lovers. The band’s style places it firmly on the heavier end of melodic metal, with driving drums, heavy, thumping bass lines, thundering, screaming guitar solos well-integrated within the songs, and forceful-without-shouting vocals that can soar as well. As for the quality of the recordings, I’ve compared the new recordings to 20-year old versions, and the musicianship is even better, as is the recording quality (thanks in part, I’m sure, to Michael Wagener’s expert touch mixing the tracks).

Apocalyptic Lovers is what you’d call an arena rock band. Classic hard rock/metal music you’d expect to hear amid flashing lights at a large-stage concert club. Though I probably wouldn’t have picked it as the biggest potential hit, heavy, pounding rocker “Killing for a Living” is the song I find most frequently randomly stuck in my head. Its hook isn’t completely obvious, but that makes it nonetheless deadly catchy.

“Change of Frequency” is one of those often (but not always) slow, anthemic heavy rockers. It’s not exactly a ballad, but it’s not a fast song, and its power and strength are built on its mostly-slow pace. It’s a slow-moving heavy metal sledgehammer with drums and axe taking turns doing the dirty work…”

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Firestorm Rock Reviews

Originally posted April 13, 2016. Firestorm Rock Reviews, on the Apocalyptic Lovers’ new EP, Redemption Vol. I: “The good news is, well for me at least, is, its not as formulaic as you may suspect or even expect. There has clearly been a lot of discussion and soul searching in the making of this album, and the quality of the writing, and the crafting of the songs proves this, without a doubt. Oh, and another thing, if you are expecting some soppy, wet rock ballads, WELL YOU WON’T FIND THEM HERE! Wooo Hooo! so you can put your lighters and phones away NOW! That has been one of my major bug bears over the years. You start to listen to a really cool rock album, just getting in to the groove, along comes track 4 which is invariably a bloody ballad. I am so pleased and relieved to report, Apocalyptic Lovers have not fallen into this trap. Well done guys. You deserve 5 ‘Fire’ review just for that.

‘Better Days‘ – This is how to open an album… Screaming guitar, and thundering drums and bass and a cracking rock scream. If your looking for all out arena or stadium rock, then you’ve just found it… Play this loud! The verses are driven along with a cool riff before we are treated to some nice vocal harmonies and key changes from pre-chorus into the chorus… This is good stuff!

‘Change Of Frequency‘ – This is where it all started for me. This was the first release from the EP, and checking in at over 6 minutes long it shows these guys are not afraid to break with convention. This is Apocalypic Lovers rock Opus, and is simply amazing. Starts off with rain and tolling bell and spoken verse, until the quiet guitar picking enters the scene, quickly followed by Roberts haunting vocals. Excellently executed use of structure and melody, combining to make this one outstanding track. Don’t be fooled by the quiet intro though, there is plenty of attitude and bite to come. A cool combination of quiet interludes, Drummer Dave Hope took a weekend away from his home in North Central Phoenix this past August to converge with the rest of his band mates at Mindrocket Studios in West Middlesex, PA. The recording process went extremely well and the band members parted for their current home states. And that’s when the plans for the release of their new EP, Redemption Volume 1, got interesting.

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It’s All About That Music

Originally posted March 28, 2016. Anna Libby of “It’s All About That Music” writes: “The first single, “Change Of Frequency”, was released on March 3 accompanied by the official video. I really like this song, which is the third song on the EP and second to the longest at 6:18. It starts out melancholic, then the tempo picks up with the chorus. Not one for religion myself, I don’t even mind the Bible verses at the beginning and the end. It actually compliments the song very well. We’ll backtrack now to song 1, “Better Days”. I foresee this one quickly becoming a fan favorite, as the guitar solos are strong here as well as the vocals. Both “Change Of Frequency” and “Better Days” are the instant download songs you will receive when you pre-order the album on iTunes.

The closest thing to a ballad on this album is song 7, “These Tears”. I have always loved a good ballad and, even though the tempo is a little faster than what one may typically classify as a certified ballad, it works very well with the rest of the album. The longest track at 6:35, I found myself utilizing the “repeat” option quite frequently. We all know how I love the long ones as well as a strong bass line and this one has both. “Killing For A Living” (song 2) is actually the shortest song at 3:52 but holds true to the old saying: “big things come in small packages”. The drums and guitar solo grabbed hold of me the first time I heard it, and have yet to let go.

“Who The Hell Are You” (song 4) and “Left In The Cold” (song 5) are just kick-ass feel good rock songs. There is just no other way to describe them. Each one of them could easily be heard in heavy rotation on any rock station around the globe. This applies to “Dying Day” (song 8) as well. I really love everything about this one from drums to the guitar solos to the bass line and everything in between. It is one of the harder tracks and sums up the EP flawlessly. The last song to discuss is “The Groove” (song 6). Where do I even begin? Starting out with a killer guitar solo and boasting one of the best bass lines on the album, this one is hands down my favorite. Nothing short of perfection, everything I love about a rock song is displayed here.

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Official First Review of Redemption Vol. I Hits the Press

Orginally posted March 28, 2016. Will TellTale, creator and co-host of the Night Time Fiasco internet radio show published the very first official review of Redemption Volume I on his blog.

One of our favorite quotes from his review: “The album explodes to start, kicking you in the face with Better Days. A heavy technical onslaught that shows influence from classic Ozzy albums among others. You are greeted by brutal guitar and powerful backup vocals right off the bat. It takes you back to the days when the music was not only fun to listen to, but it was also made you feel good, and musical talent was respected and expected. Another song that puts things into perspective is the slow and heavy groove, Who The Hell Are You. Something I’d like to ask the record executives that didn’t sign these guys in the 90’s. They are so much better than the cookie cutter glam bands that were forced on us at the tail end of the glam metal era. We won’t even talk about grunge. Unfortunately, the band and the fans who would have loved them were Left in the Cold, (Another badass song) by these idiot record companies.”

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Apocalyptic Lovers set to release EP mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener on April 16, 2016

Originally posted March 16, 2016. The Apocalyptic Lovers will release a new 8-song EP on National Record Store Day – April 16, 2016. Redemption Vol. 1 was mixed by legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, and Extreme to name a few) and is reminiscent of the days when arena rock and music videos ruled the airwaves.

The band (George Allan – Bass, Dave Hope – Drums, Robert Kane – vocals, Sean Magee – Guitars, Mike Nagy – bass) is very optimistic that this collaboration could be what finally gets them over the wretched music-business hump.

When the band originally formed years ago, most of the members were from Ohio. The five members now populate great cities in OH, PA, RI & VA, but this has not deterred them from writing, recording, marketing, and planning world domination one fan at a time.

The EP was recorded at Mindrocket Studio in Pennsylvania and then mixed over 12 days in Nashville with Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio. The band just released their video Change of Frequency on March 8th and will soon release the entire EP via download, disc, and vinyl. The release date of April 16 on “National Record Store Day” is meaningful to the band since some of the members were once employed by the now defunct National Record Mart based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Legendary Producer Michael Wagener to mix the Apocalyptic Lovers new EP, Redemption Vol I

Originally posted November 23, 2015. Legendary producer Michael Wagener is set to mix the band’s upcoming EP. Over Thanksgiving weekend, members of the band will be headed to Michael Wagener’s Wireworld Studio in Nashville, Tennessee to mix the first of what will be a ten EP collection by the band.

Apocalyptic Lovers proudly seek the audience of the once huge Arena Rock bands that have been the staple of Mr. Wagener’s producing, engineering, and mixing career. His credits are a mile long, including Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Poison, Dokken and Alice Cooper to name a few.

When the band formed years ago, most of the members of the Apocalyptic Lovers were originally from Ohio. The five members now populate great cities in OH, PA, RI & VA. Drummer Dave Hope took a weekend away from his home in North Central Phoenix this past August to converge with the rest of his band mates at Mindrocket Studios in West Middlesex, PA. The recording process went extremely well and the band members parted for their current home states. And that’s when the plans for the release of their new EP, Redemption Volume 1, got interesting.

Due to continuous marketing by the band via social media and their website , interest in the unique project began to grow. Alan Niven (Manager/Producer – Guns & Roses, Great White) began to chat with the band’s drummer, Dave Hope. While the band was at Mindrocket Studios, Mr. Niven called to say hello to the band and to give them some words of wisdom. “The best advice we had in a long time came from Alan,” says Hope. “He said to slow things down a bit in order to let the songs breathe. We took that advice and came away with way better results than we had in the past. ” Soon after production began on the new EP, Dave Hope came into contact with the Legendary Producer Michael Wagener. “The emails with Michael were pretty simple,” says Hope. “He thought our stuff was pretty cool and we thought working with him would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we jumped at it.”

The band will mix over 12 days in Nashville with Michael Wagener and end up with the finished project by mid-December. They plan on releasing a few singles over the next few months and to release the entire EP in early spring via download, disc, and vinyl. If that were not enough, the Apocalyptic Lovers already have their first show of 2016 confirmed for Saturday, July 23rd at The New Manhattan just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. The show be a record release party and showcase for the band, and there are current talks about the band doing weekend festival gigs here and abroad, however nothing has been confirmed at the time of this release.

Apocalyptic Lovers to record at MindRocket RecordingStudio in PA

Originally posted May 1, 2015. The Hard Rock outfit Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War – Youngstown, OH) will be returning home to record and release an 8 song EP. The band was comprised of five members who grew up in or around the Trumbull/Mahoning county area. While one member remains in the area, the others will be arriving from Arizona, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

The Apocalyptic Lovers are: Rob Kane (Lead vocalist – Champion Twp), Dave Hope (Drums, vocals – Liberty Twp), Mike Nagy (Bass, vocals – Liberty Twp), George T Allan (Bass, vocals – Howland Twp), and Sean Magee (Lead Guitar, Akron). They will hit the area in early August of 2015 to record with Josh Roman at Mind Rocket Recording Studios. Josh Roman will engineer, mix, and master the bands yet untitled EP due for release in late 2015.

Apocalyptic Lovers drummer, Dave Hope and Josh Roman met through the now defunct music chain National Record Mart back in the early 90’s. Hope said, “Josh and I worked together back at the old NRM in the Shenango Valley Mall. There was a point where he tried to juggle his studio and NRM, but he took the leap and never looked back. I always knew it would work for Josh. At the time, there were other studios in the area that had a lot more tech/gear than Josh, but his projects just came out sounding better because he had and still has a fantastic ear. Josh was easy and fun to work with, and no matter if he was working with a Rapper, rock band, folk band, you name it, it all sounded really great! Josh ended up expanding, and because he was so busy he was able to build a new studio from the ground up alongside his house. The fact that his studio continues to grow in this day and age where everyone thinks they can record with pro tools in their bedrooms really says something about the quality of his work.

“For us, Mind Rocket Recording really is a full-service recording studio, and it’s locally owned and operated. Josh offers some of the best in new and vintage technology. Some of his gear includes Alesis Hd24Recorder, Audiofire 12 interface, 1976 MCI JH-428A Recording Console (Compensation caps removed and Hi speed op amps fitted). Vintage (1969) Neumann U87’s (2) Urei La3a’s (1977) (2) Many other Mics by Akg Cad Neumann Shure and Sennheiser ProTools 9 96k 24 bit External Mic Pre’s From Api, Daking, TLAudio, Vintech and I am sure that is not all.”

Hope would not confirm the actual dates the current line up would be in the OH/PA area recording other than to say it would be a long weekend in early August. He did mention that if all goes well and their ducks are in a row, they might hold an informal gathering at a local establishment. No location names were confirmed at the time of release, but a couple local places the band used to perform were mentioned, a local record store, and maybe even the studio itself.