Radio station take over by the Apocalyptic Lovers. Tune in Thursday the 16th to Dee Rocks Radio at 2:00 PM EST(USA) and crank it up!

November 14th, 2017 – The Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol. I mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener has been out a little over a year and the album and band are still enjoying radio success. Tina’s Thursday Night Live host Tina Keatley has invited all four members of the band to guest DJ on her show this Thursday the 16th. Since Tina’s show spins a great variety of melodic rock, classic rock and hair metal, the guys jumped at her invite to spin some of their favorite tunes on her show.

Tina’s Thursday Night Live is on every Thursday in the UK at 7:00 PM (UK time) on the little station making a ton of noise these days Dee Rocks Radio. Dee Rocks Radio has die hard listeners and they are all about great music and supporting the local and national acts alike.

This Thursday (2:00 PM, EST USA) you will be able to hear Dave, Mike, Rob and Sean on air as they each pick a few of their classic favorites as well as a tune from Redemption Vol I. Tina will also be on and spinning a medley of songs in the last hour along with her usual antics!

Apocalyptic Lovers guest DJ details:

Station: Dee Rocks Radio

Show: Tina’s Thursday Night Live – hosted by Tina Keatley

Date and time: Thursday, November 16 – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST (USA)

Mobile? Use the free TuneIn app and search Dee Rocks Radio

On air: Host Tina Keatley, Drummer Dave Hope, Bassist, Mike Nagy, Singer Robert Kane, Lead Guitarist Sean Magee.

Stay tuned for details when the show will re air for those that can not tune in live.




Ron Keel (Ron Keel Band & Keel) along with Apocalyptic Lovers and more on Hair Metal Mansion this week!

November 7, 2017 – This Thursday on the Hair Metal Mansion radio show Ron Keel of the 80’s metal band Keel and now the Ron Keel Band chats about his new deal with EMP label group.

Please make sure to stay tuned in and check out all the great tunes that Hair Metal Mansion with Andrew the Axeman will be spinning including The Ron Keel Band, Keel, DokkenApocalyptic Lovers and much more!

Not only will you hear another great interview from Andrew with Ron, but Andrew also has some new details on the Apocalyptic Lovers and their new project as well.

The premiere simulcasts on multiple stations, but tune into one of the bands favorites at 9:00 PM EST:

– Philly Rock Radio: 

Each station has free mobile apps that you can download if on the go! Also available via iTunes, TuneIn and Google Play.


Can’t catch the premier on Thursday? Click HERE for a complete list of all the radio show affiliates dates and times.