Now for something completely different. Redemption Vol I reviewed via live radio!

September 9th, 2017 –  The Apocalyptic Lovers’ Redemption Volume I,  mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener, is still gaining attention from new fans and critics all over the world. And with the latest form of attention comes an album review with a twist.

Jason Ryan and Jon Axel of will review the Apocalyptic Lovers’ album Redemption Vol I live on air.

Tune in this Sunday evening, September, 10, 2017, to at 8:00 PM CST to catch the live review, a completely new experience for the band which should prove to be interesting at the very least.

“The idea for a live album review is very innovative and cool,” says founding member and drummer, David B. Hope. “Our record has been out a little over a year, and because of the vastness of the internet, fans are still discovering our record. It’s great that people are still finding our record and digging it so much.

“Right now we are planning and writing Redemption Volume 2, so it’s very cool that people are still stumbling across our record,” continues Hope.” If they like Volume I, they are gonna love Volume 2. We have used Facebook live to debut demos of I Think it’s Gonna Rain, Little Too Late and Best I Can and the feedback has been outstanding. I recently sent 8 sets of lyrics to Sean and the guys so there is going to be a lot of new material to chose from.

“While we work on writing, pre-production, and setting our financial ducks in a row to have Michael produce our next album, it is very helpful to still have outlets pushing Redemption Volume I,” says Hope. “I know that myself and the entire band will be tuning into HairBandHeaven this Sunday, and we hope others are curious enough to tune in as well.”

The band plans to keep working Redemption Volume I and playing live shows to support it until they are 110% ready to head into the studio to record Volume 2. Marketing for the second outing will then take over once the band is a couple months out from recording. Until then, keep enjoying Redemption Volume I and please help the band spread the word to rockers everywhere!

UPDATE: September 11, 2017 –

The band would like to send out a big THANK YOU to for the LIVE album review this past Sunday.

Jason Ryan & Jon Axel decided to attempt for the first time a live – on air album review via

Jason has been spinning the band for a while now on his station, but it sounded like Jon never heard them before. Jon sounded shocked when told they were not a signed band and they both continued with how much they loved the Redemption Vol I. 

The station even had listeners call in live and one said she really liked all three songs up to that point and loved the song Change of Frequency. Jason & Jon covered all 8 songs between their comments and listeners calling in.

Please make sure to tune in to for some of the best in arena rock and hair metal then & now on the radio! Remember the station streams FREE 24/7 and ROCKS!