Music, music, we see new music!

July 13, 2017 – While the Apocalyptic Lovers latest release Redemption Volume I (mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener) does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, there is news out of their camp that a lot of new music is under way for their follow up titled Redemption Volume 2.

Along with the news out of their camp (via their drummer David B Hope), there are now questions being raised as to what exactly will be included on Redemption Volume 2.

The following was taken from the bands official facebook page quoting a post from their drummer Dave.

“Its nice to be able to change things on the fly if need be right?

So our initial idea for our follow up record was to place 4 to 5 re-worked tunes from our 1995 release on #RedemptionVol2 along with 2 new killer tunes.

Our good problem to have is – I sent 7 new sets of lyrics (see photo insert via bands full blog page) to the guys. Sean already wrote the music for two and the rest are coming. Not to mention I just started writing new lyrics for music our singer Robert Kane wrote! LOL

Well, maybe #RedmeptionVol2 will be a full length album and we will use the re-worked tunes as a bonus song or two in different countries on the physical copies. That sounds interesting to me how about you?

PS – Make sure to catch a sample of a tune slated for Vol 2 on the Apocalyptic Lovers FB page called Little Too Late.”



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