Join Apocalyptic Lovers singer Robert Kane LIVE for the bands second Q&A via facebook.

July 4, 2017 – The bands second facebook LIVE Q&A will launch with their singer Robert Kane Saturday the 8th of July at 3:00 PM EDT(USA). Rob will be on live to chat all things Apocalyptic Lovers & any other music related topics fans wish to discuss. Rob will also debut a demo of a song to be on their follow up album Redemption Vol 2. The song is a up-beat rocking tune called Little Too Late.

Many people submitted questions for their drummer Dave last month, so if you have one and want to make sure it is addressed please send it in via facebook to the band or David B Hope by Friday at 11:00 PM EDT. All questions submitted in advance will be answered in full at the begining of Robs Q&A.

This will be the second of at least 4 monthly facebook live Q&As with members of the band. Next up in August bassist Mike Nagy will be live to also do a Q&A along with the debut of another song from Redemption Vol 2.



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