Rock Rage Radio spoke with drummer Dave Hope of the Apocalyptic Lovers via the Hardcore Henderson Show!

June 13, 2017 –  The Hardcore Henderson Show belonged to the Apocalyptic Lovers last night!  The entire hour Benny Henderson Jr.  featured tunes from their album, Redemption: Volume 1. Also on tap for the show, Benny spoke at length with founder/drummer, Dave Hope.

The Hard Core Henderson show can be heard every Monday through Friday night at 10:00 PM EST on the mighty web based Rock Rage Radio.

Now that the band has been featured for an entire hour on Rock Rage Radio, you can be sure that Benny will continue to spin the Apocalyptic Lovers on a regular basis. Dave had such a wonderful time on the show, he encourages any bands wanting to get their music out there, to submit a song to the Hardcore Henderson Show.

For a replay of the show please click HERE.

To tune in to Rock Rage Radio please click HERE. 

To check out the Hard Core Henderson site please click HERE.


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