New FM & Web Radio adds Apocalyptic Lovers to playlists/rotation.

April 11, 2017 – Coming up on the one year anniversary since its release, Redemption Vol I by the Apocalyptic Lovers is still picking up steam. The album recently had songs downloaded from it to be played on FM and web radio here in the states.

A large part of the Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol 1 was added to  and put into rotation on April 4th, 2017.

Make sure to Tune in and check a large variety of 80s rock and metal 24/7 for free with no commercial interruptions.


Mobile? Just grab the free TuneIn app & search hairbandheaven & you’ll be all set!

The band was also recently added to FM Radio again thanks to The Knight’s Den Metal Show on WLJS 91.9 FM

The radio show airs on Wednesday nights 9:00 -11:00 PM CST via the Audials Software app or live stream

The Knight’s Den Metal Show brings you the best in rock and metal from “Back in the Day” to NOW.

This weeks lineup is set to include Apocalyptic Lovers along with: Black Stone Cherry, Faith No More, Iced Earth, Kix Band, Santa Cruz & more!

Also on tap will be the 30th anniversary of songs by: Guns N’ Roses Def LeppardAerosmith Official Motörhead & Motley Crue!

The Apocalyptic Lovers would like to thank Jason of and Keith from The Knights Den Metal Show on WLJS 91.9 FM for picking up their independent album and giving it some spins.

The music industry could use more forward thinking & open minded station owners and DJs like yourselves to keep rock & roll alive & kicking.


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