THE ROCKPIT (Australia) interviews Apocalyptic Lovers drummer David Hope

April 6, 2017 – Originally posted via THE ROCKPIT website on the 1st of April, Owner and Editor Mark Diggins states –

“Formerly going under the name Love and War  (a band who embraced the Hard Rocking sounds of the 80’s after Grunge hit hard) Apocalyptic Lovers are the rebirth of that band – rechristened and reinvigorated and on a mission to revive that music we all loved but with a modern edge. We loved their first release – last year’s Volume 1, but fear not there’s plenty more on the way. We caught up with drummer David Hope to talk about reconnections, Dokken, Bon Jovi and how Michael Wagner got involved in their story.”

You can listen to Mark interviewing David by clicking HERE.

This past January, THE ROCKPIT posted a review of the Apocalyptic Lovers album Redemption Vol I that was mixed by legendary rock & metal producer Michael Wagener.

THE ROCKPIT states – “If you love the sound of 80’s Rock then there’s something rather warming about this release from Apocalyptic Lovers who you’d probably tag with the Melodic Hard Rock label, but in truth there’s a little more depth and variety in here than with most.”

To read THE ROCKPIT’S full review of Redemption Vol I by the Apocalyptic Lovers click HERE.  

The band sends a huge thank you to Mark & THE ROCKPIT for all the kind words. The band will be working on Volume 2 soon and hopefully will be fortunate enough to have a few gigs down under in the near future.



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