Catch Apocalyptic Lovers every #MusicMonday on Vinyl Dynasty Radio!

February 13, 2017 – Make sure to catch the Apocalyptic Lovers on Vinyl Dynasty radio every week via DJ Michele’s (@glimmergirl) show #MusicMonday.

Not only has DJ Michele played heavy doses of the band on her show, but they are coming up on the one year anniversary of being placed in rotation throughout the week on the station. Another DJ – JJ O’Neill not only spins the band on his show, but you can read his review of Redemption Vol I right HERE.

Vinyl Dynasty spins a great mix of Classic artists and bands along with some of the best new music out on the air waives. Glenn Hughes, Led Zepplin & Journey are some of the classics you might hear in one hour followed by new bands like Apocalyptic Lovers, Revolution Saints, Melia, the Dead Daisies & much more!

The band would like to thank Phil & Michele for spinning them & keeping them in rotation for almost a year now.

To check out Vinyl Dynasty including #MusicMondays & Firestorm Rocks just click HERE to listen in!





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