Decibel Geek Rock View 2016 feature from Apocalyptic Lovers drummer Dave Hope.

Originally posted January 3rd, 2017. Adam Cox posted a piece written by Apocalyptic Lovers drummer Dave Hope. Dave Hope wrote, “Adam Cox reached out to me and asked if I had any thoughts on 2016 and what’s ahead for 2017 regarding our band, the Apocalyptic Lovers. You are now reading this, so of course, I was in.

After I agreed, I thought to myself, how the hell do I put down what I think of 2016 plus what’s ahead in 2017 in a couple sentences? Those who know me, know that’s about as likely as Axl Rose joining AC/DC. Wait, that happened in 2016 too – man this could get long.

As we head into 2017, please think of the bands, solo artists, roadies, techs (sound and lighting), producers, and all the other humans with families that you are taking money from by streaming and just STOP for now. I don’t think anyone has found the golden nugget to fix this and it’s about damn time that we all pulled together before its too late.

Bands and major touring artists will disappear. Who out there will be the next Stones, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden or Bon Jovi? Artists that play, write, and record all their own stuff without autotune and all the Justin Bieber and Kanye bells and whistles?

As I head into 2017, this is a major concern on my mind because it affects so many lives that the casual fan never thinks of. How do we fix it? I have no idea, but there is no better time than now…”

Read the full review here. 


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