Strutter Magazine via the Netherlands reviews Redemption Vol I.

Originally posted 11/01/2016. Strutter Magazine wrote, “and if you’re a fan of 80s Hair Metal then grab a copy of this release a.s.a.p. Basically this is high quality 80s US Melodic Hardrock a la Dokken/Stryper, in the classic Hair Metal days style of the mid 1980s, straight-ahead, catchy and singable, with a big crunchy guitarsound and shredding guitar solo’s, in a so-called “coolness sound at it’s best” during great uptempo songs like Better Days, Killing for a Living (great vocals, pure Loud and Clear style), Left in the Cold and Dying Day. There’s also some early 90s Firehouse to be heard during the great midtempo tunes Who the Hell Are You? an The Groove. What more to say… as this is Hair Metal Heaven, must-check for fans of the afforementioned bands…”

Read the full review here. 

Note: Please scroll the review page about half way down & look for our album art to view the review.


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