Legendary Producer Michael Wagener to mix the Apocalyptic Lovers new EP, Redemption Vol I

Originally posted November 23, 2015. Legendary producer Michael Wagener is set to mix the band’s upcoming EP. Over Thanksgiving weekend, members of the band will be headed to Michael Wagener’s Wireworld Studio in Nashville, Tennessee to mix the first of what will be a ten EP collection by the band.

Apocalyptic Lovers proudly seek the audience of the once huge Arena Rock bands that have been the staple of Mr. Wagener’s producing, engineering, and mixing career. His credits are a mile long, including Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Poison, Dokken and Alice Cooper to name a few.

When the band formed years ago, most of the members of the Apocalyptic Lovers were originally from Ohio. The five members now populate great cities in OH, PA, RI & VA. Drummer Dave Hope took a weekend away from his home in North Central Phoenix this past August to converge with the rest of his band mates at Mindrocket Studios in West Middlesex, PA. The recording process went extremely well and the band members parted for their current home states. And that’s when the plans for the release of their new EP, Redemption Volume 1, got interesting.

Due to continuous marketing by the band via social media and their website , interest in the unique project began to grow. Alan Niven (Manager/Producer – Guns & Roses, Great White) began to chat with the band’s drummer, Dave Hope. While the band was at Mindrocket Studios, Mr. Niven called to say hello to the band and to give them some words of wisdom. “The best advice we had in a long time came from Alan,” says Hope. “He said to slow things down a bit in order to let the songs breathe. We took that advice and came away with way better results than we had in the past. ” Soon after production began on the new EP, Dave Hope came into contact with the Legendary Producer Michael Wagener. “The emails with Michael were pretty simple,” says Hope. “He thought our stuff was pretty cool and we thought working with him would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we jumped at it.”

The band will mix over 12 days in Nashville with Michael Wagener and end up with the finished project by mid-December. They plan on releasing a few singles over the next few months and to release the entire EP in early spring via download, disc, and vinyl. If that were not enough, the Apocalyptic Lovers already have their first show of 2016 confirmed for Saturday, July 23rd at The New Manhattan just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. The show be a record release party and showcase for the band, and there are current talks about the band doing weekend festival gigs here and abroad, however nothing has been confirmed at the time of this release.


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