It’s All About That Music

Originally posted March 28, 2016. Anna Libby of “It’s All About That Music” writes: “The first single, “Change Of Frequency”, was released on March 3 accompanied by the official video. I really like this song, which is the third song on the EP and second to the longest at 6:18. It starts out melancholic, then the tempo picks up with the chorus. Not one for religion myself, I don’t even mind the Bible verses at the beginning and the end. It actually compliments the song very well. We’ll backtrack now to song 1, “Better Days”. I foresee this one quickly becoming a fan favorite, as the guitar solos are strong here as well as the vocals. Both “Change Of Frequency” and “Better Days” are the instant download songs you will receive when you pre-order the album on iTunes.

The closest thing to a ballad on this album is song 7, “These Tears”. I have always loved a good ballad and, even though the tempo is a little faster than what one may typically classify as a certified ballad, it works very well with the rest of the album. The longest track at 6:35, I found myself utilizing the “repeat” option quite frequently. We all know how I love the long ones as well as a strong bass line and this one has both. “Killing For A Living” (song 2) is actually the shortest song at 3:52 but holds true to the old saying: “big things come in small packages”. The drums and guitar solo grabbed hold of me the first time I heard it, and have yet to let go.

“Who The Hell Are You” (song 4) and “Left In The Cold” (song 5) are just kick-ass feel good rock songs. There is just no other way to describe them. Each one of them could easily be heard in heavy rotation on any rock station around the globe. This applies to “Dying Day” (song 8) as well. I really love everything about this one from drums to the guitar solos to the bass line and everything in between. It is one of the harder tracks and sums up the EP flawlessly. The last song to discuss is “The Groove” (song 6). Where do I even begin? Starting out with a killer guitar solo and boasting one of the best bass lines on the album, this one is hands down my favorite. Nothing short of perfection, everything I love about a rock song is displayed here.

Read the full review here.


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