Apocalyptic Lovers to record at MindRocket RecordingStudio in PA

Originally posted May 1, 2015. The Hard Rock outfit Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War – Youngstown, OH) will be returning home to record and release an 8 song EP. The band was comprised of five members who grew up in or around the Trumbull/Mahoning county area. While one member remains in the area, the others will be arriving from Arizona, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

The Apocalyptic Lovers are: Rob Kane (Lead vocalist – Champion Twp), Dave Hope (Drums, vocals – Liberty Twp), Mike Nagy (Bass, vocals – Liberty Twp), George T Allan (Bass, vocals – Howland Twp), and Sean Magee (Lead Guitar, Akron). They will hit the area in early August of 2015 to record with Josh Roman at Mind Rocket Recording Studios. Josh Roman will engineer, mix, and master the bands yet untitled EP due for release in late 2015.

Apocalyptic Lovers drummer, Dave Hope and Josh Roman met through the now defunct music chain National Record Mart back in the early 90’s. Hope said, “Josh and I worked together back at the old NRM in the Shenango Valley Mall. There was a point where he tried to juggle his studio and NRM, but he took the leap and never looked back. I always knew it would work for Josh. At the time, there were other studios in the area that had a lot more tech/gear than Josh, but his projects just came out sounding better because he had and still has a fantastic ear. Josh was easy and fun to work with, and no matter if he was working with a Rapper, rock band, folk band, you name it, it all sounded really great! Josh ended up expanding, and because he was so busy he was able to build a new studio from the ground up alongside his house. The fact that his studio continues to grow in this day and age where everyone thinks they can record with pro tools in their bedrooms really says something about the quality of his work.

“For us, Mind Rocket Recording really is a full-service recording studio, and it’s locally owned and operated. Josh offers some of the best in new and vintage technology. Some of his gear includes Alesis Hd24Recorder, Audiofire 12 interface, 1976 MCI JH-428A Recording Console (Compensation caps removed and Hi speed op amps fitted). Vintage (1969) Neumann U87’s (2) Urei La3a’s (1977) (2) Many other Mics by Akg Cad Neumann Shure and Sennheiser ProTools 9 96k 24 bit External Mic Pre’s From Api, Daking, TLAudio, Vintech and I am sure that is not all.”

Hope would not confirm the actual dates the current line up would be in the OH/PA area recording other than to say it would be a long weekend in early August. He did mention that if all goes well and their ducks are in a row, they might hold an informal gathering at a local establishment. No location names were confirmed at the time of release, but a couple local places the band used to perform were mentioned, a local record store, and maybe even the studio itself.

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