Apocalyptic Lovers set to release EP mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener on April 16, 2016

Originally posted March 16, 2016. The Apocalyptic Lovers will release a new 8-song EP on National Record Store Day – April 16, 2016. Redemption Vol. 1 was mixed by legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, and Extreme to name a few) and is reminiscent of the days when arena rock and music videos ruled the airwaves.

The band (George Allan – Bass, Dave Hope – Drums, Robert Kane – vocals, Sean Magee – Guitars, Mike Nagy – bass) is very optimistic that this collaboration could be what finally gets them over the wretched music-business hump.

When the band originally formed years ago, most of the members were from Ohio. The five members now populate great cities in OH, PA, RI & VA, but this has not deterred them from writing, recording, marketing, and planning world domination one fan at a time.

The EP was recorded at Mindrocket Studio in Pennsylvania and then mixed over 12 days in Nashville with Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio. The band just released their video Change of Frequency on March 8th and will soon release the entire EP via download, disc, and vinyl. The release date of April 16 on “National Record Store Day” is meaningful to the band since some of the members were once employed by the now defunct National Record Mart based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

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