Hair Metal Mansion radio show Top 25 of 2016!

Originally posted December 30th, 2016

We thought ending up the year in the international rock/metal Fireworks Magazine was cool. But now many TOP of 2016 lists are popping up & we have made some of the lists, so how cool is that!

Being the kind of band we are, there was one Radio show in syndication all over the states & Canada that we targeted to get us on and of course that was Hair Metal Mansion with Andrew the Axeman

Not only did Andrew spin several of the bands songs, but he had bassist Mike Nagy & drummer Dave Hope on his show as well. We were very happy with were we ended up with H.M.M. in 2016.

Well, then comes Andrews last show of 2016 & its a countdown show.

Hair Metal Mansion Top 25 Albums Of 2016 Countdown Special was full of great new bands (our fav the The Dead Daisies were #1) and great new music from bands/musicians we grew up with like Femme Fatale, Last In Line, The Defiants, Ted Poley, Punky Meadows “Official Fan Page”, Lita Ford, Sixx:A.M. and many more.

Honestly, we were pleased we were included on the show & would have been happy to be 25 of 25. Well, after and hour & 45 of listening to all the killer bands/tunes the Apocalyptic Lovers song Better Days settled in at……. wait for it…… #3!!!!!

Horns Up and a huge thanks to Andrew and his show! Very thankful to be included and we are very glad you dug our album Redemption Vol 1 so much.

More to come in 2017 and the Mansion faithful will be the first to hear it!



YOU can listen to the show again here.

Strutter Magazine via the Netherlands reviews Redemption Vol I.

Originally posted 11/01/2016. Strutter Magazine wrote, “and if you’re a fan of 80s Hair Metal then grab a copy of this release a.s.a.p. Basically this is high quality 80s US Melodic Hardrock a la Dokken/Stryper, in the classic Hair Metal days style of the mid 1980s, straight-ahead, catchy and singable, with a big crunchy guitarsound and shredding guitar solo’s, in a so-called “coolness sound at it’s best” during great uptempo songs like Better Days, Killing for a Living (great vocals, pure Loud and Clear style), Left in the Cold and Dying Day. There’s also some early 90s Firehouse to be heard during the great midtempo tunes Who the Hell Are You? an The Groove. What more to say… as this is Hair Metal Heaven, must-check for fans of the afforementioned bands…”

Read the full review here. 

Note: Please scroll the review page about half way down & look for our album art to view the review.

Sleaze Roxx reviews Redemption Vol I.

Originally posted August 21, 2016. Olivier wrote, “Apocalyptic Lovers have delivered an album that will undoubtedly take you back to the glory days of the ’80s era where engaging melodies, soaring harmonies and great guitar riffs were the staples of your favorite songs. Seeing that producer and mixer extraordinaire Michael Wagener (Accept, Alice Cooper, Dokken, Extreme, Keel, Skid Row, Warrant and White Lionjust to name a few) took care of the mixing for the album, it is not surprising that Apocalyptic LoversRedemption Volume I has a real retro feel to it…”

Read the full review here.

KNAC.COM’s Jay Roberts reviews Redemption Vol I.

Originally posted July 5th, 2016. Jay Roberts wrote, “I can’t really articulate what if any preconceptions I might’ve had prior to listening to this EP. But after my first exposure to APOCALYPTIC LOVERS, if the other material waiting in the wings is as good as what is on Redemption, Volume 1, I’m definitely on board.

You get superb vocals on top of straight up hard rock with a strong sense of melodic songcraft. I found this EP highly enjoyable and it should please pretty much any fan of the genre. It may have taken far longer than anyone anticipated, but APOCALYPTIC LOVERS have arrived…”

Read the full review here.

Decibel Geek reviews Redemption Vol I.

Originally posted July 2, 2016. Adam Cox wrote, “Boom!  The EP opens up with a barrage of guitars (a bit like Mr Big‘s “Addicted To That Rush“) and rattles into “Better Days“.  The music is classic but doesn’t sound dated.  The guitars crunch, the drums boom and Kane sings amazingly.  He is a mixture of Don Dokken and some Michael Monroe.  The song has a groove to it and that whole swing cuts through the whole of the collection.

Killing For A Living” swiftly follows and this is a song that will stick in your brain like like gum on your shoe.  Love the lyrical lines of “when you’re killing for a living, it never seems like you’re winning“.  Magee goes all George Lynch on the solo, but it is a great homage rather than any plundering…”

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